Anthony Bourdain: What he taught me

I am standing today in the place where Anthony Bourdain died. I can only imagine the mental anguish he was walking around with in such a beautiful and scenic small French village. I got to meet this gracious man one day, and this is what I learned:

Ever met someone you look up to…and did they act/treat you with kindness and respect?

(Lol, 🙈 my apologies if anyone has ever come up to me and I didn’t give you the kindness and respect you were hoping for.)

About the Author Muhammad Alshareef

Founder and President of DiscoverU, an Islam-based personal development institute. Muhammad Alshareef graduated Islamic Law from Madinah University and holds a Masters Degree from West Virginia University. Canadian, ethnically Egyptian, and a true citizen of the world. He writes about Islamic solutions to popular personal development questions.

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Habibah Taalibdin says

Your comment that if someone respects you, you have to respect them and take care of them seems like common sense and yet it is profound when you think about it and actually it in the context mentioned, i.e. asking someone you respect for a photograph.
Thank you for sharing!


Nice Video

Asma Zakaria says

Its good to see you surely there is something to learn

Asmah Bibi says

I want to cry this is beautiful! What a story and Shiekh Muhammad those were your preconcieved ideas about him and Anthony Bourdain obliged. I’m sure you will never forget this experience.

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