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How your WORDS determine your FATE (and what you can do about it)

The life or death poem. In the 8th year after Hijrah, Shurahbeel ibn `Amr al-Ghassani attacked and killed the Prophet’s envoy `Umar al-Azadi. Allah’s Messenger, sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, sent

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How to find an extra 5 hours a day

Sitting at a restaurant table, a friend was telling me the story of a wealthy uncle of his. He had tons of corporate success, loads of money, and was now nearing retirement. “My uncle confided in me,”

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Don’t Be Sad, Literally!

5 Ways The Quran and Sunnah Guide us on how to deal with Sadness Positive psychology shows that when we feel good and have a positive mindset, we are smarter, feel more motivated and enjoy more success. Other

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How to Enhance a Millennial’s Worship Experience

Remember back in the day, you were a little kid in the Masjid excited about the anticipation of a Masjid sleepover (the elders called it I’tikaaf). You were running around playing tag; you were giggly

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United for a #LitterFreeHajj

Join the campaign: You and your group united for a #LitterFreeHajj. After visiting any of the Holy Sites, invite your entire group to each pick up at least one piece of litter and put in its place. Don’t

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