Focusing in Salah

I wanted to share with you a tip to help you increase your concentration in Salah. Truly, the sweetness of Salah comes from concentrating on what you’re doing and what you’re saying.

I’ve been personally working on different concentration habits for the past 3 weeks. And in sha Allah, when things get a little more solid, i’ll share with you my conclusions.

My tip today: DO NOT SKIP your Sunnah prayers!
See: Your obligatory prayers are obligatory. You do it, and that’s awesome. But do you run off as soon as the obligatory prayers are over? If you do, in fact, if you run off ‘consistently’ after the obligatory prayers, this tip will work even more for you.

The sunnah prayers, by their nature, are voluntary. You don’t have to do it. But if you make it a challenge for the next week, don’t skip your Sunnah prayers. Get up, pray your sunnahs even though it’s voluntary, and you’ll feel a sweetness that gets stronger and stronger.

Done your obligatory prayers but you’re in too much of a rush to pray your Sunnah? Still do your sunnah prayers! The sunnah prayers will gently pull you to SLOW DOWN, relax and give your Salah the attention it deserves.

The Messenger of Allah, sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, said, “”The two-rak’ah sunah of the morning prayer is better than the world and everything that is in the world.” (Muslim)

Your tip: what helps you to concentrate in Salah?

About the Author Muhammad Alshareef

Founder and President of DiscoverU, an Islam-based personal development institute. Muhammad Alshareef graduated Islamic Law from Madinah University and holds a Masters Degree from West Virginia University. Canadian, ethnically Egyptian, and a true citizen of the world. He writes about Islamic solutions to popular personal development questions.

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There is certainly a great deal to learn about this subject.

I really like all of the points you’ve made.

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Mindfully observing a ritual is important, especially when it comes to focus, because often we get distracted without realizing it. The distractions work because we’re not paying attention. Islam emphasises the importance of one’s focus on their Salah, in fact focus and concentration are linked to success in this life and the Hereafter.

Ameen says

To improve my focus in Salah I try the following:

TIP 1: Escape the Dunya
When raising my hands to say Allahuakabar, I imagine pushing the whole world back behind me and standing in the middle of a calm, slow and steady moving kayak overlooking the mountains. This helps me step away from the dunya.

TIP 2: Reflect on the verses in relation to your life
During the salah, I try to reflect on the verses recited and to relate it to my life.

TIP 3: Remove all distractions
I also silence my phone completely by turning off the vibration. If at the masjid, i try to leave the phone in the car.

TIP 4: Strategy when losing focus – Renew my intention
At times when I feel the need to renew my focus, i remind my self internally using self talk that – Allah s.w.t. is my Audience and not the people beside me. I stand before you, my creator, to earn your pleasure and mercy and to come closer to you.

TIP 5: When feeling rushed – Slow Down
If I sense that I am rushing, I take a deep breath and remind myself of the hadith where once the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned to a man, Go back and pray for you have not prayed. I use this to remind me that inorder for my salah to be accepted, i need to slow down and ensure that i am comfortable in that position before moving to the next.

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