‘Unanswered’ Duas? Guidance on what to do

I’ve been teaching Visionaire for a couple of years now and one issue that I see come up, again and again, is the issue of supposedly ‘unanswered’ Duas. I don’t even like to use the word ‘unanswered’, as you’ll see below, but the fact remains:

What would I advise someone who is dealing with a Dua that has been going on for a long time with ‘supposedly’ no answer?

Firstly, let me start off by insisting that you should NEVER say “I made Dua, and my Dua wasn’t answered.” Because once you go down with that attitude, it’ll self-fulfill and your Dua indeed won’t be answered, as per the following Hadith:

It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah (R.A) that the Messenger of Allah (P.B.U.H) said: “(The Dua) of any one of you will be answered so long as he is not hasty in seeking a response and does not say, ‘I made Dua but I have not had a response.’” [Narrated by al-Bukhari, 5981; Muslim, 2735]

See, Allah answers all Duas, it’s His promise.
Call upon Allah

{And your Lord says, “Call upon Me; I will respond to you.} Quran 40:60

Allah answers Duas in one of three ways. Either Yes, Not Now, or I have something better for you.

What some people, so attached to their desire, forget is that “I have something better for you” is a way that Allah ANSWERS Duas. You not only have to accept that Allah might give you something different but be truly GRATEFUL for that. Here’s why:

I sometimes hear about this fear that some have, “What if I make Dua for something, but it’s not good for me. Allah gives it to me, and then it becomes a nightmare?” Personally, I think that’s one of the saddest and most inappropriate expectations one could have of Allah. You ask Him for a gift, and He would send you a nightmare — laa WAllah! May Allah protect us from such low expectation.

So this, “I have something better for you,” way Allah answers Duas is the fail-safe when we make Duas that aren’t good for us, or when we make Duas for which now is not the time, or maybe WE are not ready to accept that gift in our stage of life. Or who knows? … I know who knows:

Allah knows and we do not.

{And Allah knows, while you do not know} Quran 2:216

The key is to make Dua, and I have a few tweaks from you courtesy of VisionaireOnline:
Got a Dua you’ve been asking forever with seemingly no exact manifestation?
Here’s what I recommend my Visionaire students:

Drop the ‘Unanswered’ Dua

That’s right. If something hasn’t worked out for so long, maybe it’s something you don’t sincerely want. Or maybe it’s just not happening. I’m not talking about marriage or children; those are things we are biologically created to desire — so go for it. And I’m not talking about Duas for good health, we all need that.

Rather, I’m talking about things like, maybe you wanted to be a doctor or sports star and it just never worked out. Or maybe you wanted to marry a particular person, but they’ve gone and married someone else and moved on with their life. Or maybe you wanted to memorize the entire Quran and it’s been like 60 years, and it just isn’t happening.

I’m saying, don’t spend your life worrying about something that you don’t want or isn’t arriving. Focus on the gifts you have, your strengths and talents, and develop those.

Unanswered Dua? :) I think not

Bottom line: Whether to drop a Dua or not has to be after a heart-to-heart talk with yourself. You have to decide whether what you’re making Dua for goes in this above category, or whether you want to take it to the next stage as I mention below…

What if you can’t just ‘Drop it’?

Have you been making Dua for, like, forever — and it really is something you desire from the bottom of your heart, and no it’s not just something you can ‘drop’? Then try this:

1. Get EVEN MORE passionate about the Dua

Instead of mixing your Dua with this slow dehydrated, weak attitude, get super intense and pumped to make Dua day and night, in prostration, in your commute, in the middle of the night, and after Wudu — all times when Dua is accepted.

2. Change up the WORDING of the Dua

Tweak the wording of your Dua until it gives YOU butterflies of excitement, leading to the passion upgrade that I’m talking about in point 1. So, for example, instead of making Dua for a ‘baby’, make Dua to be at the wedding of your son, giving him a hug before the ceremony. Can you see how this shift in Dua wording gives YOU the passion YOU need when making Dua?



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Founder and President of DiscoverU, an Islam-based personal development institute. Muhammad Alshareef graduated Islamic Law from Madinah University and holds a Masters Degree from West Virginia University. Canadian, ethnically Egyptian, and a true citizen of the world. He writes about Islamic solutions to popular personal development questions.

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Safwan Junaid says

Masha Allah,splendid article,
May Allah SWT enhance your knowledge immensely-Aameen.

Sabina Garia says

Assalamualaikum Brother Alshareef,

I just would like to wholeheartedly thank you for this breath of fresh air into a much needed situation that I am going through. Being here in Uk on my own,for nearly 12years without really having any legal status because I am being held in limbo, and have been living only on survival mode through being a cleaner, carer,mothers help and now completely broke with only £50,not knowing where to go,whom to turn to,out of shame of trusting people more than what AllahSWT can do,even though I do not deny the fact that something within,towards doubt about whether Allah will ever help me out of this situation, is creeping inside me for not experiencing the life that my heart prayers have always been but which with time have lost all the desires for them to be manifested. Remember every soul going through challenges and include me too in your Duas. JazkhAllah Khair for all your sharing. InshAllah one day I may signed up for your course.

Iffat says

Subhan Allah! Such a helpful article.
“I sometimes hear about this fear that some have, “What if I make Dua for something, but it’s not good for me. Allah gives it to me, and then it becomes a nightmare?” Personally, I think that’s one of the saddest and most inappropriate expectations one could have of Allah. You ask Him for a gift, and He would send you a nightmare — laa WAllah! May Allah protect us from such low expectation.”
After reading this I realized that even I have this thinking (or had). Jazak Allah khair for the enlightening article.

Anonymous says


Muhammad Alshareef says

thank you for your kind words. I’m happy you were able to make the realization and benefit from it.

Jynnah Michelle says

Thank you for this information about so-call, “unanswered duas.” I have been without a job since acquiring my MBA degree (September, 2014). I have lost my apartment, my credit rating is lower than mud right about now and the finance company called today telling me my car is going to be repossessed. So often, I’m depressed, and sometimes I struggle with thoughts of self destruction. But after reading your recommendations, I know Allah has not forsaken me nor is Allah ignoring me.

Anonymous says

Good one my Allah increase ur knowledge

Luqman says

Brother Alshareef may allah increase you in wisdom, he has made you the source of inspiration for this generation, may he accept your efforts and inspire us all in righteousness. Amin.

Mrs.kashif says

I like your posts very is worth full for us

Fowzia says

Jisaa kalaa khayr reading your articles, gave me hope

Khadija says

Thanx alot may Allah bless u,I ve learnt a lot from you n you inspired me alot.than u so much.

Abiola Abubakr says

Alhamdulilah, Am really worry before but now am happy to came across this article. Thanks

Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed says

I use to recite Ruqya on people who were possessed, with difficulties in life, long time persisting sickness, difficulties in life, etc.and alhamdulillah, Allah answered. Unfortunately, I have been experiencing financial problems since I dedicated my life with this noble exercise to date. I seek your guidance Sheikh. Shukran.

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its really really fastidious post on building up new weblog.

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